The easiest and fastest way to start with the «PULL» principle

SMART KANBAN – ONLINE trial for free – 30 days long!

What is the SMART KANBAN System?


Kanban System and Pull Control

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Advantages of the SMART KANBAN System

fast & easy

quick entry and management of all Kanban data – online in the Cloud

Kanban Loops control

uncomplicated design and control of Kanban Loops

cost efficient

Kanban management for less than 3 coffees a day


fast printing of standard Kanban cards and reports

no installation required

no software installation and therefore no effort for the IT department

Kanban formulas

Kanban formulas for calculating the number of Kanbans


available in many languages

e-Kanban ready

can be expanded to the e-Kanban system IKS at any time

Easy and fast Kanban implementation

Our Smart Kanban can be implemented with a minimum of time and effort for your team

No risk and 100% satisfaction guarantee

Low-cost beginning and individual support

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Solutions for your success

If you prefer e-Kanban, i.e. tracking of Kanbans with status changes,

we recommend to visit our new Website:

Brief explanation regarding the packages and rates:

You can either rent our Smart Kanban solution or you can buy the system. We offer a great price-performance-ratio!

Where exactly is the Smart Kanban system installed?

The Smart Kanban system can either run on our as well as on your servers!

Next Steps:

We provide all required services around our Kanban software as well as consulting workshops on-site!

Please contact us for your individual offer!


Contact us

Please contact us for further product information, LIVE-Demo or for an offer about our Kanban Solutions and Workshops!

++ e-Kanban System IKS is also online available ++
If the pure “manual” SMART KANBAN does not fulfill all your requirements

Please change to:

With pleasure our Team of Kanban experts helps you to clarify all questions and discusses your pull processes and requirements together with you.

If you need support to implement a Kanban System or to optimize your existing Kanban processes, we are 100% sure our team is the right choice for you.

We offer different Kanban workshops, coaching and consulting to improve your Kanban system as well as the implementation of further Lean methods.

Our local Kanban Excellence Partners are able to support you on the Kanban and E-Kanban implementation or in the scope of “Lean Production”.

Since more than 15 years we are “the” experts in „electronic Kanban“ worldwide.

Our new web-based e-Kanban solution IKS makes your Kanban System even more easier, faster and much more efficient.

The Integrated Kanban System offers a lot of functions to support Supplier Kanban, Production Contol with e-Kanban boards, automatic re-calculation of Kanban levels and the optimization of inventory levels and delivery lead-times plus many more helpful functionalities…

For more information visit us on:

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