The easiest and fastest way to start with the «PULL» principle: SMART KANBANSMART KANBAN ONLINE trial for free - 30 days long!

What is the SMART KANBAN System?

Enter Kanban data
print cards
Ready !!!

Advantages of the SMART KANBAN System

fast & easy

quick entry and management of all Kanban data - online in the Cloud

Kanban Loops control

uncomplicated design and control of Kanban Loops

cost efficient

Kanban management for less than 3 coffees a day


fast printing of standard Kanban cards and reports

no installation required

no software installation and therefore no effort for the IT department

Kanban formulas

Kanban formulas for calculating the number of Kanbans


available in many languages

e-Kanban ready

can be expanded to the e-Kanban system IKS at any time

WE are there for you!

We are always interested in the improvement of our Kanban software.

With pleasure our Team of Kanban experts helps you to clarify all questions and discusses your pull processes and requirements together with you.
If you need support in implementing a Kanban System or in optimizing your existing Kanban processes, we are 100% sure our team is the right choice for you.

We can offer to you many different workshops, coachings and advices for the improvement of your Kanban System as well as the implementation of further Lean methods.

In several foreign countries our local Kanban Experts can support you as well with an excellent Kanban introduction or in the scope of "Lean production".
Since more than 10 years we have been experts in „electronic Kanban“.

Our new professional e-Kanban solution IKS makes your Kanban System simplier, faster and more efficient. More information on:

The new Integrated Kanban System IKS offers a lot of functions to support supplier Kanban, production control with e-Kanban boards, automatic recalculation of the number of Kanban cards, specific supervision and optimization of inventory and delivery lead times and of course many more interesting features...

For more information, visit us

The perfect Kanban System solution for production and logistics ...

Worldwide Enterprises in many different lines of business trust in our Kanban System solutions – and this since more than 10 years!


If you prefer e-Kanban, i.e. tracking of Kanbans with status changes,

we recommend to visit our new Website:


30 days free trial
  • optimized for pure manual Kanban
  • Kanban data management
  • creation of Kanban loops
  • Kanban calculation based on standard formulas
  • Kanban Monitor
  • -
  • -
  • -
  • -
  • amount of Kanban loops: 50

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++ e-Kanban System IKS also online available ++

++ If the pure "manual" SMART KANBAN does not fulfill all your requirements ++

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